Evolving cities as complex systems – factors for making things better

A panel discussion on factors that could undermine delivering successful complex systems which will cover the following topics.

  • Factors seen as engineering or technology ones when they are in fact cultural or social.
  • Treating complex, uncertain issues, and risk with tools developed for complicated ones
  • A lack of systemic thinking and action over the lifetime of the systems
  • Unverified assumptions
  • Inconsistent and poor data management to support statistical analysis and modelling.
  • Little or no attention to the structure of governance early in a project
  • Ill-defined boundaries of responsibility, authority, and accountability
  • Lack of alignment of purpose between actors
  • Poor information sharing in the face of a blame or project driven culture.

Panel members

Prof. Brian Collins

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Policy, UCL

Prof. Mikela Chatzimichailidou

Professor in Design for Mobility, Health, People and Society, UCL

Dr Kristen MacAskill

Assistant Professor in Engineering, Environment & Sustainable Development, Cambridge University

Prof. Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Professor of Cities and Regions, CASA, UCL

Prof. James Bentley

Chief Operating Officer, Thames Water, visiting Professor UCL