Recorded presentations

This page provides recordings of the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Evolving Cities and Towns, 12-14 September 2023.

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Day 1

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

Session 1: Co-designing urban solutions

Welcome address: Cllr Satvir Kaur, Leader of Southampton City Council, UK

Session 2: Collaboration and civic engagement

Keynote: Prof William Powrie, University of Southampton, UK

Session 3: Collaboration and co-creation panel

Panellists: Assoc. Prof. Gillian Saieva, Dr Paolo Spada, Kristina Downey

Day 2

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Session 1: Liveability in the urban environment

Session 2: Complexity & risks in urban infrastructure

Panel: Evolving Cities as Complex Systems

Session 3: Frameworks for flourishing panel

Panellists: Dr Debbie Chase, Tasch McIntyre-Hall and Prof. Nicky Marsh

Session 4: Human-centric equitable infrastructure

Day 3

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Session 1: Innovation in flexibility to support infrastructure

Session 2: Retrofit for the (overheating) future

Interview with Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Inspiring change and urban transformation panel

Award and conference close

Co designing urban solutions

Welcome address: Satvir Kaur, Leader of Southampton City Council, UK
Welcome to the City of Southampton

Contributed papers

  • Gillian Saieva, Carbon Off-setting for localized impact - What is everyone else doing? A Southampton Air, Land & Sea Transport sector perspective, in pursuit of a greater good - locally
  • Franziska Pichlmeier, Healthy Residential Buildings in the Lake Constance Region: Analysis for Harmonization and Further Development of Standards for the Planning and Assessment of Healthy Residential Buildings
  • Joy McKay, User Centred Ecological Interface Design for Early-Stage Development of MaaS
  • Sian Campbell, Make Your Place - Co-design for Future Towns and Cities
  • Hidab Hamwi, Promoting the Adoption of Eco-Friendly Cars: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in Kuwait: Addressing Challenges and Implementing Strategies

Collaboration and civic engagement

KEYNOTE: Prof. William Powrie, University of Southampton, UK
Coastal cities & towns, opportunities and challenges, emerging themes from the iPACT project

Contributed papers:

  • Zoë Colbeck, The Solent Cluster: Working Together for a Lower Carbon Future
  • Matt Ryan, Citizens' Assemblies in Cities
  • Abdulla Almheiri, Different perceptions on building urban social resilience among Dubai authorities
  • Kilani Olumo, Exploring how the recent advances towards Smart Cities and the role of e-Governance can help integrate informal settlements into growing urban environments in developing countries

Collaboration and co-creation panel

Panel of Assoc. Prof. Gillian Saieva, Dr Paolo Spada and Kristina Downey, chaired by Christopher Hammond on Collaboration and Co-creation.

Liveability in the urban environment

Contributed papers:

  • Nicky Marsh, Understanding Pride and Place: Creative Approaches to Community Engagement
  • Eda Seyok, Framing and Characterising the Quality of Urban Life in Post-Industrial Cities
  • Negin Sadeghi, Impact of neighbourhood urban form and socio-economic characteristics on the place-based elderly’s social wellbeing
  • Steve Leggett, Will bats benefit if streetlights are switched off at night?
  • Hakeem Badejo, Lagos A Livable Mega City Time To Ponder
  • Saad Aldin Hasan Halawani, Local Action in Compressed Spaces: Local Leadership and environmental issues in occcupied Palestinian spaces
  • Aisha Abdulaziz, Unearthing embedded exclusion – promoting equity through system design in electrification

Evolving cities as complex systems

Evolving Cities as Complex Panel - Mikela Chatzimichailidou, Kristen MacAskill and Mark Tewdwr-Jones chaired by Brian Collins

Contributed papers:

  • Colin Axon, From energy security to sustainability: risk and resilience in fuel supply chains
  • Sumedha Basu, Application of a framework for exploring complex urban energy systems to heating and cooling two cities

Frameworks for flourishing

Panel composed of Dr Debbie Chase, Tasch McIntyre-Hall and Prof. Nicky Marsh, chaired by Chris Cooper to discuss frameworks for flourishing.

Human-centric, equitable infrastructure

KEYNOTE: Eng. Issac Kiva, Secretary, Renewable Energy, State Department for Energy, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum, Kenya
Achieving energy transition in Kenya

Contributed papers:

  • Mohammad Thaher, Beyond Infrastructure: Prioritizing Social Sustainability in Urban Transportation through Stakeholder Engagement and Indicator Development
  • Katie Parnell, Gender equitable transport systems: An e-micromobility case study
  • Selling Zileli, Towards Crowdsourcing Journey Experience Data
  • Rich McIlroy, How do people view gender inequity in transport?
  • Tom Dolan, Net Zero Transformation: Exposing, Challenging, and Banishing the Legacy of a Not Zero Paradigm
  • Andra Sonia, The challenges of everyday banking in the South Wales communities
  • Lobna Ahmed, Assessment of indoor thermal comfort in low-income households: The case of Al-Asmarat neighbourhood in Egypt
  • Mathias Fitzky, Simulation of the Urban Microclimate in a Hot Arid Region: A Case Study in Abu Dhabi

Innovation in flexibility to support infrastructure

Contributed papers:

  • Julien Garcia Arenas, Investment opportunities for individual energy supply systems, a UK household case study
  • Richard Dow, The scope for off-gas grid community participation in demand side response
  • Ellis Ridett, Anchor load contribution to flexibility in an island context
  • Patrick James, Flex in the background:preliminary results from a UK field trial testing 3rd party control of domestic heat pumps
  • Mingyue Pang, Pumped storage power development in China under the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals: Goals, barriers, and prospects
  • Ben Anderson, Exploring post-COVID business travel ’new normal’ in a higher education institution
  • Charles Ndung'u, Power quality improvement in a cement production company, a case study in Kenya

Retrofit for the overheating future

Contributed papers:

  • Peyman Akhgar, Design Tactics for Retrofitting Residential Sites for an Enhanced Suburban Lifestyle on the Gold Coast, Australia
  • Paul Lovegrove, A school passivhaus retrofit case-study
  • Rowena Claydon-Smith, Retrofitting at Abri
  • Chitra Nadarajah, Hampshire County Council Retrofit Business Case Update
  • Manel Kraiem, Experimental investigation on the thermal behavior of phase change material for heat storage in buildings
  • Candy Leighton, Cool cities for people and planet
  • Stephanie Gauthier, What people say - Adaptive thermal comfort behaviours in UK homes

An interview with Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Inspiring change & urban transformation panel

Panel composed of Cll Roz Chadd, Ben Earl, Chris Cooper, Chitra Nadarajah and Prof. Nick Tyler, chaired by Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj discussing inspiring change and urban transformation.

Best paper award and conference close