ICEC Forums

The ICEC 2021 programme will include three forums will will cover policy, solutions and engagement.

In the policy zone forum we discuss the policies and/or frameworks that can be enacted at the local level to expedite the transition to net zero. We will consider how local, regional or city level contexts impact the appropriateness of such innovations.

The solutions zone forum is devoted to applications of technology and interventions, highlighting evidence of successful implementation and challenges to wider adoption.

The engagement zone concerns the transition to net zero will involve significant changes to the way in which infrastructure and services are provided. In this forum we tackle questions about how people/citizens interact with new networks of provision in evolving cities.

See below for examples of the topics that were discussed at the previous conference.

Engagement Zone

energy buildings and communities forum

Professor Rachel Cooper How can science impact the way we live in future cities?

Professor Nick Tyler What will public transport be like in future cities?

Professor Jiaping Liu What is the role of global collaboration among Universities in developing future energy technologies?

Policy Zone

local authorities forum

Cllr Chris Hammond What are the main aspirations of the Green City Charter? 

Andrew Waggot How can local authorities best invest in and deploy renewables?

Dr Alan Whitehead, MP What is the future of UK energy policy?

Solutions Zone

smart cities and infrastructure forum

Professor Brian Collins What role does academia play in achieving net zero?

Professor Jeremy Watson What makes a home smart and how will this impact occupants? 

Professor Patrick James How will the next generation of engineers solve the energy problems of the future?