In Person or Virtual? 

The ICEC organising committee are making every effort to make this edition of ICEC an exciting and productive experience, be it in-person or virtually and are confident that we will be able to hold ICEC 2023 as a hybrid event, similar to ICEC 2022 and ICEC 2021. However if government directives change with regard to Covid-19 the decision to go fully virtual may be taken.

How will virtual attendance change my experience?

Regardless of virtual or on-site attendance, ICEC 2023 will provide networking opportunities with local authorities as well as leading academics, practitioners and stakeholders through the selected conference platform. Presenters will receive guidance for preparation of their presentation and live connection in order to facilitate debate and conversation with the virtual and on-site audience.

How will virtual attendance affect the conference price?

Conference fees for online registrants will be a flat rate of £250. This is to accommodate for the cost of professional tools and services required for a smooth hybrid conference and to ensure that we offer an excellent experience for all attendees.

Travel and accommodation expenses for those attending in person

We strongly advise participants planning to attend in person assure that their bookings can be cancelled before the conference as unfortunately the ICEC organising committee cannot be held liable for possible losses.